Riiid to Establish Open Source AI-Education Database ‘EdNet’

Riiid will establish EdNet, an AI-education database.
Riiid will establish EdNet, an AI-education database.

Riiid, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) tutor solution provider, announced on Tuesday that it would establish EdNet, an AI-education database. EdNEt is an open database for AI education envisioned to advance the development of the Artificial Intelligence Education (AIEd) industry.

The solutions provider also released 130 million interactions of intelligent tutoring system (ITS) datasets and also made public 130 million of non-personal identifiable information (PII) interactions data collected from 784,309 users’ learning and test exercise data on the firm’s AI-based learning solution, Santa.

Established in 2014, Riiid delivers a creative disruption in the education sector and drives equalization and democratization of the industry with the use of Santa TOEIC, and its knowledge-tracing algorithm.

Santa TOEIC, the company’s first commercialized AI Tutor, launched in 2017, attracted over one million South Korean users with its deep learning algorithm.

The firm currently operates Santa TOEIC in Korea and Japan, as well as Vietnam with Santa SAT. Riiid’s AI Tutor Solution intends to replace traditional lectures and hard copy textbooks with a more personalized AI tutor that is more efficient than human counterparts at a much lower cost.

Researchers at Riiid, recently published ‘EdNet: A Large-Scale Hierarchical Dataset in Education,’ a research paper available via free online archive, arXiv. EdNet, as an open database, will contain information on test scores, test answers, student actions on test exercises, and other data related to the users’ experience.

The publication, so far, marks the largest number of ITS datasets made public. The open-source data will enable advancement in the research of how Riiid’s models are programmed, test accuracy and effectiveness, and performance comparison.

Riiid will continue releasing additional data on the Ednet platform yearly and host challenges in various AIEd algorithm development tasks attracting more talent and promoting the AI-powered education industry. The problems would enhance business competitiveness and drive advancements in the industry,

An open-source image database, ImageNet, released cases that provided a catalyst for research into AI-powered visual recognition. ImageNet launched the ‘ImageNet Challenge’ in 2010, where participants compete to achieve higher accuracy on recognition-based tasks on publicly released AI algorithms.

Riiid Co-founder and CEO YJ Jang said, “Despite enormous growth potential, the education sector is still lacking in AI research different from the finance and medical sectors.” He added that Riiid is committed to taking the initiative in addressing the issue of rigid digitization of the educational sector. He hopes that the company, much like ImageNet, will play an essential role in the development of AIEd taking the firm to more significant achievements.

Riiid recently joined the AI Summit 2019 held in mid-December in New York, with AI Tech Lead Youngduck Choi. The company delivered a keynote speech entitled ‘Make Education Great Again,’ presenting the future of research in AI-powered education and the EdTech industry. They highlighted the importance of technological transparency and practical precision.

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