Samsung To Beef Up Galaxy Note 10 With New Features At The Cost Of Older Ones

Samsung Note 10's S Pen

One of 2019’s most awaited gadgets, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, is expected to wow consumers with its all-new, jaw-dropping features. From ultra-fast wired and wireless charging to 5G capabilities, Samsung fans are sure to be in for a treat. But before everyone gets excited, these features do not come without a price. People can expect the loss of some features that everyone has grown accustomed to.

What New Features Can We Expect?

Samsung has not yet released a definite list of features the Galaxy Note 10 will have. However, thanks to some information from Samsung, and hardcore info leakers, we can piece together something we can work on. Here are some of Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s potential surprises this August 2019.

Ultra-Fast Charging

With Samsung Note 10’s gargantuan battery, it won’t be surprising if it would take forever to charge. However, a pair of tweets posted by Samsung insider Ice may have confirmed speculations of the Note 10’s ultra-fast charging capabilities.

The Note 10, according to Ice’s tweets, will be released along with a whopping 45-watt charger. One, however, has to not my use of the words “along”. The reason is that the same tweets stated that the charger would not come as an in-box accessory. Patrons will have to buy the impressive charges separately for $56.

The Note 10 will only come with the standard 25-watt charger that previous models are issued with. Nevertheless, people who will buy the new charger can expect to have their phone fully charged in less than 45 minutes.

5G Capabilities

Due to its incredible potential, 5G has been the buzzword for the past few months around the world. Riding on this hype is the Note 10. Information about the Note 10’s 5G capabilities came out after a user discovered a code in Samsung’s Kernel pertaining to a “davinci5G’. XDA Developers is a community of mobile software developers.

Infinity-O Display Technology

Galaxy Note 10 is expected to use the same Infinity-O display technology that is available in Samsungs Galaxy S10. The display allows the phone to have a front camera on the screen itself. According to reports, the Note 10 will have its camera on the center, unlike the Galaxy S10.

S Pen Gesture Control

The Note series is nothing without its S Pen. It is its most distinct feature from Samsung’s other mobile gadgets. The S Pen, according to Techmaniacs’ report, will have a new Air Command feature. If true, it will allow the user to control the gadget without actually touching the screen. No other sources support this report so we could only cross our fingers.

What Did It Cost Us?

As with everything, every step we take forward, we leave something behind. For Note 10 to achieve some of its amazing features, it had to let go of others that we love. Here are some staple Samsung Note features that we may bid farewell to this coming August.

Farewell Headphone Jack

Samsung spent a lot of time mocking Apple when the latter removed its headphone jack form its phone. So, it is quite a big surprise to hear reports that Samsung is planning to do exactly the same on its latest Galaxy Note. According to reports, the new design was done to add more battery capacity to the Note 10. The increase, however, is allegedly only a measly 100 mAh.

No More Micro SD Slot

XDA Developer sources added another layer to the pile of bad news for Samsung Note lovers. According to a report, Samsung is planning to drop the micro SD slot from its Note 10 units. Note 10 Pro, however, will retain the feature. So, if you’re the type of person to never get enough space, you’d have to spend more for those sweet, sweet gigabytes.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be released early this August. Pre-orders from Samsung’s store and website will begin on August 8.

Featured image grabbed from Samsung’s website.

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February 14,2020

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