Samsung Ran over 12 Million Cycles for New AI-powered Laundry Machine

Samsung’s new AI-powered washing machines and dryers displayed at its Digital Plaza retail store in Gangnam, Seoul. / photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics debuted on Wednesday its new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered washers and dryers hoping to take the market lead over competitor LG Electronics.

The South Korean company introduced the Grande AI washer and dryer at its Digital Plaza retail store located in Gangnam in Southern Seoul. Samsung said that with AI technology, its front-loading washer offers an “all-in-one” feature, allowing users to control their dryer through the washer.

The tech giant claims that the advancement in their appliances offer a more “effective way” for users to do their laundry. The company also said it also enhanced the appliances’ self-hygiene function so users do not need to be concerned about the dust, water residue, or rust that may develop inside the machine.

Lee Jae-seung, Samsung’s new head of its home appliances sector, said that the company seeks to enhance its customer-oriented home products since the debut of its BESPOKE refrigerator.

He acknowledged the BESPOKE appliance for generating significant growth in refrigerator sales, reflecting the consumers’ lifestyle. The BESPOKE refrigerator attracted consumers for its highly customizable options creating a more customer-focused model.

Lee said that the Grande AI machines would significantly improve the consumers’ experience through its “self-learning AI features” that enable users with greater accessibility in terms of the appliance’s control.

He also compared the Grande with the BESPOKE refrigerator, saying that while the refrigerator achieved innovation through design, the washing machine and dryer would create innovation through consumer experience.

Samsung demonstrated that the machines could get smarter with frequent use of cleaning and drying cycles. The tech company ran over 12 million laundry cycles for the AI feature to learn from and suggest optimal settings.

As strengthened guidelines on energy efficiency are expected, the Grande AI laundry machines also use less water and detergent and detergent than its predecessors, highlighting the machines’ eco-friendly functions.

Lee explained that thanks to the AI features built into the machine, it can detect the weight of clothes responding with the right amount of detergent and water to use.

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February 14,2020

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