Nvidia, LG Partnership To Launch 5g-Based Cloud Gaming Service

GeForce Now Display From NVidia

Nvidia, the creator of the world’s largest gaming platform, GeForce, has teamed up with Korean mobile carrier LG Uplus to deploy one of the latest and most exciting developments in the gaming industry, the cloud gaming service. The service, according to LG Uplus, will run on another new tech known as 5G networks.

The new service named GeForce Now will allow subscribers to access their favorite games directly through the internet. Hence, the need for downloading gigabytes upon gigabytes of data will now be a thing of the past with the new platform. The service will be available to 5G-enabled smartphones, personal computers, and internet-ready TVs.

Testing of the new platform is currently ongoing across the US and other European countries. Furthermore, the company expects over a million users will sign up upon the official launch of the program. Three hundred thousand users have already subscribed for it.

NVidia is the inventor of the GPU or Graphics Processing Unit. This technology enabled the faster processing of high-demand and high-quality images on devices. The company plans to integrate this technology to data centers to remove the need of users to buy their own GPU units when the GeForce Now launches.

LG Uplus will be Nvidia’s first partner in the new cloud gaming service. According to LG Uplus representatives, they plan to include cloud gaming services as a core part of their 5G plans. The new platform is also expected to roll out during the first half of 2019 at the earliest.

“The cloud gaming service will fit perfectly with 5G services that offer low latency,” said chief of LG Uplus’ future and convergence division, Lee Sang-min. “With LG Uplus’ 5G network technology and Nvidia’s GPU cloud technology, we will offer a new way of playing games.”

Its partnership with other gaming companies shows LG Uplus’s plan to leverage towards the gaming industry. These partnerships also include Hatch Entertainment and a subsidiary of “Angry Birds” creator Rovio.

Featured imaged grabbed from Nvidia website.

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