Marshmallaw: An Easy-to-Use Legal Service Launches

Jung Jae-hoon, founder and CEO of Legalinsight
Jung Jae-hoon, founder and CEO of Legalinsight

Jung Jae-hoon, along with two other colleagues, set up a startup “Legalinsight” in August of 2017. They developed technology and software to provide easy-to-use online legal services.

In November the same year, Seoul-based legal tech startup launched “Marshmallaw.” The service automatically creates documents for complaints involving various crimes such as rape, fraud, assault, and libel and in April 2018 expanded to other legal areas including pleas for administrative hearings.

Jung, a lawyer with 20 years’ experience, said the company is now developing more advanced AI-based legal tech services he refers to as “AI lawyer.”

In a recent interview, Jung said, “A variety of services have evolved in line with the advancement of new technologies. But the legal market is one area that has been left behind. Legalinsight is a startup set up by lawyers who had the common goal of lowering the high barriers to legal services through the application of technology.”

The legal firm offers the Marshmallaw service for free in order for those who have financial difficulties in paying high consultation fees to obtain the appropriate legal service with ease.

The company with its three lawyers constructed and gathered abundant data utilizing more than 60 years of experience among them. The system automatically fills out the documents with the appropriate legal principles and precedents.

Jung said users will receive the completed documents by email. He noted that the service would help those who are incapable of upholding their rights due to financial difficulties and complicated procedures.

“Legal documents created by Marshmallaw are as accurate as those created by human lawyers with about 20 years’ experience,” Jung noted. “This is because human lawyers usually add the necessary content to existing templates when creating documents.”

He added that through Marshmallaw about 60 pleas for administrative hearings and 740 complaint documents had been created so far.

“The service is used by ordinary people. I have not thought of charging for the service so far,” he said.

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups selected Marshmallaw as one of the beneficiaries of a support program in recognition of its innovativeness and convenience.

In January 2018, the startup engaged in a strategic partnership with a popular secondhand dealership site Joonggonara.

Through the partnership, Joonggonara, which has 15 million active users, utilizes the latest precedents and other legal counseling services offered by Legalinsight to prevent fraud in the company.

Legalinsight also signed a business agreement with T3Q on August 27 to jointly develop AI-powered legal services. T3Q is a Seoul-based firm specializing in big data and AI technology.

The two companies are making an intelligent service to create contracts automatically. The system requires users to input the necessary content of the contracts online, and the AI then recommends as optimized contract template with appropriate arrangements and clauses.

“We plan to begin the open beta service at the end of the year or early next year, and then officially release it in April or May,” Jung said. “The service will need data at an early stage. Once abundant data is accumulated through various cases, the service will be able to provide high-quality non-face-to-face legal services.”

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February 14,2020

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