LG Electronics Unveils 8K OLED TV with AI Function

LG Electronics is going to introduce 88-inch 8K OLED TV for the first time in the world. Its characteristic is that it provides optimized quality and sound quality based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and improves user convenience.

LG Electronics made an announcement on the 3rd that it will introduce many strategic TV products at ‘CES 2019′, which will be held from January 8 to 11 in Las Vegas. 88-inch 8K OLED TV (model name ’88Z9’) can adjust 33 million pixels one by one and express dark colors accurately. 75-inch 8K Super Ultra HD TV (75 SM99) is also going to be its first TV. LG Electronics is planning to strengthen its competitive edge in ultra-high-definition TV markets by putting 8K TV products at the forefront.

TV that will be released this time will have its own AI processor called ‘Alpha 9 2nd Generation’. ‘Alpha 9’, a quality chip developed by its own company last year, analyzes video data and improves quality. Based on current Alpha9, LG Electronics has developed a second generation processor for Alpha 9 by adding Deep Learning technology that analyzes more than 1 million images. By removing blemishes from images and recognizing background and objects on the screen, it increases sense of dimension and makes boundaries of objects more clear. It also automatically adjusts screen brightness by detecting ambient brightness. This processor is not only used for 8K TVs but also for 4K OLED TVs. Alpha9 2nd generation processor that is installed on 8K TV will upscale 2K and 4K resolution images with 8K resolution.

Based on AI technology, quality of sound has also been enhanced. It converts two-channel sound into a virtual 5.1 channel sound and recognizes the location of the TV and provides three-dimensional sound that is optimized for space. It also optimizes sound quality according to image contents genre. When a news video is released, it shows a clearer voice, and when you watch a movie, you develop a sound overall.

LG Electronics is expanding AI ecosystem based on its open strategy. LG’s AI TV has its own AI platform as well as Google Assistant, and it is also going to support Amazon’s AI assistant for the first time this year. LG Electronics is planning to expand its user experience by working with major service providers that make up more than 80% of AI platforms.

It also applied a button for Alexa to remote control of TV. You can easily use Amazon by pressing this button and giving voice commands such as “Read the audio book” and “When will the coats ordered from Amazon be shipped?” Starting with North America, Alexa interlink function will also be applied to major countries in South Korea, Europe, and South America.

AI function based on its own platform is also greatly strengthened. By improving voice recognition function in natural language, it recognizes context of conversation and answers questions. LG Electronics is planning to apply its voice recognition function to 140 countries, which is twice more than last year.

“We will continue to provide new value to our customers through cooperation with Alexa and others as well as implementing differentiated quality and sound quality through artificial intelligence technology.”


President Kwon Bong-seok of LG Electronics’ MC/HE Business Headquarters.

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February 14,2020

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