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“Legendary Moonlight Sculptor” will launch on October 10 through Apple App Store and Google Play Store, Kakao Games announced during a media conference held in Seoul.

XLGames developed the new massive mobile multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and cited as a potential blockbuster mobile title game to release in this year’s last quarter.

Kakao Games CEO Cho Kye-hyun said, “The slogan of the game is the dream of adventurers.” He added, “Kakao Games and XLGames are working hard to offer a game service that can be enjoyed by anyone.”

“Legendary Moonlight Sculptor” is based on a best-selling Korean fantasy series, with the same name, authored by Nan Hee-sung. It has been published serially with 58 volumes from 2007 to July of this year.

XLGames CEO Jake Song led the development of the new game. His involvement drew attention to the game in addition to the popularity of the series. Jake Song, a “star” developer, was involved in the development of NCSOFT’s “Lineage” and Nexon’s “Tale of the Wind.”

Song first co-founded Nexon in 1994 with Kim Jung-ju. He then moved to NCSOFT developing the PC online game “Lineage” before founding XLGames.

“While developing Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, I recalled 20 years ago when I began developing MMORPGs,” Song said. “I tried to make a retro-style game that can provide enjoyment for anybody. I hope the game will be loved by gamers for a long time.”

The core content of the MMORPG is its various sculptures with each offering a specific ability. The game will feature the Royal Road, just like in the light novel series. There will be up to five classes, including a warrior, an archer, and a magician offered to players to choose. Players can team up with other players or even with their pets to go on an adventure in Moonlight Sculptor.

Kakao Games noted that the game already received a warm welcome by users, adding that is has gained more than 2.5 million preorders since its pre-registration last month.

Moonlight Sculptor is available in iOS and Android. You can pre-register the game via Kakao website.

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