5G Smart Port System To Be Built By LG UPlus

LG Uplus 5G Business Unit's vice president Suh Jae-yong with Seoho Electric CEO Kim Seong-nam at LG Uplus's head office.

A “smart” port system created by LG Uplus and powered by fifth-generation (5G) network technology will allow unmanned cranes to be remotely operated. LG Uplus said the “smart” port system would maximize efficiency in transporting containers.

The telecom company LG Uplus joined with Seoho Electric to enact the world’s first demonstration of a smart port operation based on fifth-generation (5G) network technology.

Seoho Electric is the world’s second-largest and the nation’s major company that produces and develops port crane control systems.

The two companies, upheld by a signed memorandum of agreement on Wednesday, will generate detailed cooperative measures to merge the 5G network with the automated port cranes.

Taking advantage of the ultra-low latency video transmission feature of 5G, LG Uplus said in a statement that the smart port system will allow the unmanned cranes to be operated smoothly and flexibly when loading and unloading containers.

These ports once installed with the system, will lend a hand in improving the inefficient working environments of ports that usually run 24 hours a day. Remotely controlled cranes will prevent accidents in the container yards as people will not be physically present in operating them.

“As LG Uplus specializes in 5G telecommunication services, and Seoho Electric specializes in automated port crane systems, the two companies have cooperated in planning the smart port business model,” said Suh Jae-yong, the vice president of the Enterprise 5G Business Unit at LG Uplus. “We will focus on completing the system quantitatively as well as qualitatively.”

The two companies will enact a demonstration at a domestic container terminal.

Seoho Electric CEO Kim Seong-nam said, “The 5G commercial network solution enables the stable automation system of cranes and yard transport equipment in the open storage yard where the establishment of optical cables is difficult” adding the new system will meet the growing demand by container terminal operators for automated systems.

“If appropriate fee systems and safety measures are offered, the new system will be able to tap into the global market as well,” he said.

LG Uplus expressed it would focus its efforts on advancing more automated control technology and creating new services for corporate clients through the expansion and application of 5G technology in various areas.

Featured image grabbed from LG Uplus’s website.

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