Naver D2SF Invests into 4 Digital Healthcare Startups

Naver's D2SF invests in Ichrogene, N.cer, SoundGym, and Huray Positive.

Naver, through its Naver D2 startup factory (D2SF), during a media press conference, announced that the accelerator company invested in four digital healthcare startups focusing on the diagnosis, prevention, and health management.

The first startup company Naver invested in is Ichrogene, a genome analysis solution. Ichrogene provides cloud-based individual gene constitution analysis services. The company, founded by CEO Youngah Shin, operates Isearchme, a personal genetic analysis request service. Ichrogene is also in the process of linking hospitals and other health facilities.

Ichrogene boasts the accuracy of the analysis the company provides with 700,000 DNA sequences that represent the gene’s overall function. Ichrogene aims to build digital biobanking in Virginia, U.S. The company recently raised 1.1 billion won ($944,000) from venture capitals, including Naver D2.

The second startup funded is SoundGym. The startup provides institutes, teachers, and students the ultimate online platform for audio ear training, learning, and communicating. SoundGym aims to create a meeting place where anyone can meet, train, learn, and improve their skills in music-making, audio engineering, and live sound.

SoundGym offers a variety of exercise content through a subscription service and works with producers, experts, and sound engineers to create content. SoundGym aims to grow into a lifestyle healthcare service by providing audio-based standardized professional training through healthcare devices such as mobile, AI speakers, and smartwatches.

Currently, the SoundGym service is available through NAVER Clover AI Speaker, and will soon be available in Giga Genie.

The third startup company to receive capital injection is N.Cer. The company currently develops a digital solution for early dementia diagnostic services. N.Cer utilizes olfactory response and near-infrared spectroscopy, minimally invasive procedure that allows the monitoring of blood flow in the frontal cortex of the human brain.

N.Cer, founded by neurosurgeons and anesthesiologists in September of last year, currently awaits the green light from health authorities to start clinical trials.

Lastly, to receive funding from the accelerator is Huray Positive. The startup analyzes the health data of chronic patients and provides customized counseling protocols. Established in 2010, it aims to provide a service app to manage chronic diseases based on information obtained a fitness device.

Huray positive partnered with various companies to provide services such as My Health Note, HeartLog, and Deep Healthsee.

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February 14,2020

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