Star Empire to Develop LODI Platform That Nurtures K-Pop Talent

Star Empire Entertainment will focus on the development of the ‘LODI’ Platform for nurturing talents.

Star Empire Entertainment, a South Korean record, and label company said that it would focus on the development of the ‘LODI’ Platform with its 20 years of experience in nurturing talents.

Star Empire Entertainment is a private-held entertainment company founded by Chief Executive Officer Shin Ju-hak. The company has been producing and nurturing many K-Pop stars in South Korea, such as ‘ZE:A,’ ‘9muses,’ and ‘Jewelry.’ It is currently expanding its reach into the Japanese music industry with ‘Imfact.’

Star Empire, with its reliable nurturing system, will create the LODI platform to expand its know-how on star development into the global market. The LODI platform will create an environment where K-pop stars can showcase their talents to fans. The platform will also function as a meeting place between the fans and their idols.

With the platform, Star Empire aims to change the culture of nurturing K-pop idols that focused solely on cultivating stars on singing and dancing and not making an effort to building a fandom. K-pop stars, along with the entertainment company, will participate in developing the LODI platform allowing idols to establish a connection between them and their fans.

The platform will also allow intensive training in various fields, such as writing, arrangement, and composition. Fans can also show their active support for idols without creating malicious comments to attract them.

Star Empire expects the LODI platform to be a positive influence in ticket booking for concerts and performances. On the platform, fans can conveniently search for any tickets on the performance they want to attend.

Users can also purchase tickets using a ‘LODI Token’ that gives benefits to fans such as getting priority seat reservations and buying without using cash or credit card.

In addition, the Star Empire will also expand its scope in the business sector through collaboration with I-Cash, operated by ABCC Fin-Tech.
ABCC Fin-Tech, the largest Fin-Tech business platform in Indonesia, also agreed to a business agreement with Indonesian financial sector leader Hakim.

Star Empire intends to targets Indonesia for the platform’s first commercialization. The entertainment company expects Indonesia to be the launching pad for the LODI Platform to become a global platform.

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