Naver, KT, Intel to co-develop 5G robots

Naver will co-develop 5G-enabled service robots in partnership with the country’s telecom giant KT Corp. and US tech firm Intel Corp.

 On February 28 the company announced that Naver Labs Corp, an R&D subsidiary of Naver and NAVER Business Platform will develop a variety of 5G-based service robots jointly with KT and Intel. Naver said that it had taken the decision during visits to KT and Intel booths at the ‘MWC 19 Barcelona’ that was held in Barcelona, Spain.

Based on this partnership, Naver Lab will develop service robots by using solutions such as 5G, computing, and sensors provided by Intel. NBP that supports IT infrastructure such as cloud, IDC service, and security will also participate. NBP’s platform will serve as the brain for a self-driving brainless robot developed by Naver Labs.

KT is planning to provide a foundation for service robots to send and receive data through real-time and ultra-low delay by connecting robot and edge cloud infrastructure through 5G network.

“We expect that commercialization of 5G will create new business opportunities and that smart factory and service robot will be an example of its application,” said Kwon Myung-sook, CEO of Intel Korea. “Intel has partnerships with various businesses around the world to commercialize 5G and develop new uses for 5G. We will try to make this cooperation a good example of South Korea’s 5G use.”

“We expect to combine KT’s 5G commercial network, edge cloud infrastructure, and advanced technologies from Naver and Intel to lead global industries,” said Lee Yong-kyu, director of KT’s 5G Platform Development Group.

“As big companies that represent each field join together, it is expected that this will be a result of making a single step in the global 5G service robot market,” said Seok Sang-ok, CEO of Naver Lab. “We will make efforts to make people’s lives more beneficial through technology.”


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