KakaoMobility Cooperates with ‘No Ride Refusing’ Taxi Company

Kakao Mobility has partnered up with Tago-solution, a taxi company. The two companies announced on January 3 that they signed a joint business agreement for innovation in the taxi industry aimed at enhancing taxi service and improving taxi profits.

Tago-Solutions is a subsidiary of about 50 Seoul-based taxi companies that currently have 5,000 taxis. Last year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government applied for approval of the taxi business and is waiting for the city to review. The company plans to introduce two projects, including one by the VCNC(Value Creators & Company) last year, immediately following a similar form of a rental car call service called Tada, and call taxi called Weigo Blue, a women-only taxi called Weigo Lady, which is driven only by a female driver. In addition, the company is preparing various additional taxi services such as pet taxi, courtesy taxi, and responsive taxi service.

Through the agreement, the two companies plan to launch a taxi-transport business and introduce a “kind, high-end taxi service” without refusing to ride. The company plans to gradually introduce a variety of premium taxi services to meet the needs of passengers and expand the service nationwide starting in Seoul. The taxi-call system will also be reorganized.

“We will be able to introduce (Weigo service) within KakaoT platform in the future.”


Representative for Kakao Mobility.


Kakao Mobile will continue to upgrade its system so that it can efficiently distribute taxi platforms by supporting know-how in taxi platforms and mobility technologies, and Tago-Solutions will partner with professional education institutes to differentiate itself from current taxi services and provide advanced taxi-specialized training for drivers.

“Starting with this cooperation, we will continue to develop business models that can realize the values of co-prosperity and innovation at the same time.”


CEO Chung Ju-hwan of Kakao Mobility.



“We will provide new service experience to passengers through cooperation with Kakao Mobility, which has the best technology in South Korea and know-how in mobility, and provide a stable working environment for taxi drivers by taking the lead in changing taxi employment markets,”


CEO Oh Kwang-won of Tago Solution.

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