Japanese Mobile telecommunication businesses operate 5G with Korean solution. Korean tech N3N

Japanese mobile telecommunication businesses have chosen Korean products as their 5G service visualization software (SW). Japanese businesses are planning to stabilize operation of 5G services in Japan through South Korea’s SW.

N3N (CEO Nam Young-sam) made an announcement on the 9th that it is going to supply its Big Data-based visualization solution to Japanese mobile telecommunication businesses. Corresponding mobile telecommunication businesses had introduced 5G network-based VR (Virtual Reality) sports relay test. Japanese mobile telecommunication businesses are going to introduce N3N’s WIZEYE solution and establish a platform that can detect 5G services at a glance. Stability of major services such as IoT, self-driving, and telemedicine are important in 5G era. It is only possible to stabilize operations when data that is released by variety of devices such as IoT and automotive are collected and managed in real time.

It supports 5G service, data management and stable operation. Mobile network providers check whether or not 5G service operation is stabilized at a glance on WIZEYE platform. It also identifies problems, incidents, and accidents that occur on variety of devices in real time and increases responsiveness. Based on this example, N3N is going to target 5G markets. 

N3N is the first company that Cisco invested in a South Korean IT company. It is receiving recognition for its technical skills in markets for data visualization platforms such as establishment of real-time data management platform of Smart City in the U.S. along with AT&T. As global 5G markets are growing, it is expected that 5G solution markets will be expanded. Because it has core technical skills, major 5G countries such as Japan and others are showing interest in their technologies.

“If we want to succeed in 5G markets, real-time management and operation of services and resources through SW will be a key capability. Because world’s major mobile network providers are preparing for 5G era, we are going to gain momentum in exporting WIZEYE.”


said CEO Nam Young-sam of N3N

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February 14,2020

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