Europe To See Hyundai Motor Hydrogen Trucks

Hyundai's Hydrogen-Powered Truck
Hyundai's Hydrogen-Powered Truck

Europe To See Hyundai Mot Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM), a joint venture between Hyundai Motor and H2 Energy, launched Wednesday at Alpiq hydropower plant in Gosgen Switzerland. Hyundai Motor Executive Vice President Lee In-cheol met with H2 Energy Chairman Rolf Huber during the launching ceremony.

HHM began its operation on Thursday following its launching ceremony in Switzerland, according to Hyundai Motor Company. The joint venture launched hydrogen trucks in Europe, making way for the company to enter the European market for eco-friendly commercial vehicles.

HHM was attended in by the hydrogen energy firm, H2 Energy of Switzerland. The firm works for sustainable mobility and hydrogen refueling infrastructures across the country.

The carmaker firm and the hydrogen energy firm signed the joint venture deal in April pledging to broaden hydrogen fuel-cell trucks not only in Switzerland but also in other European nations.

Hyundai Motor will supply 1,600 hydrogen trucks by 2025 to HHM offering those trucks in the Swiss Market first. According to Hyundai Motor, HHM will then form partnerships with local entities to enter Dutch, German, Norwegian, and Austrian markets.

A hydropower plant became the venue for the ceremony in Gosgen. The plant will become the first commercial hydrogen plant in Switzerland and run using Hydrospider and will produce hydrogen through hydropower later this year.

Hydrospider is a joint venture between Switzerland’s national energy services provider Alpiq, H2 Energy, and a global industrial gas firm Linde.

“Through HHM, Hyundai Motor expects a smooth landing into the European market for fuel cell trucks, starting from Switzerland,” Hyundai Motor Executive Vice President Lee In-cheol said. “Along with the European market, we will make entry into eco-friendly commercial vehicle markets in other countries.”

The European market is one that shows high interest in eco-friendly vehicles with other major nations employing funding or other policies on infrastructure to widen green cars including fuel-cell electric vehicles

Electric and fuel cell trucks are free from fare charges imposed by Switzerland.

A hydrogen dump truck is currently in development by Hyundai Motor basing the truck on its full-size Xcient truck. The dump truck powered by a 190-kilowatt fuel cell system will also possess seven hydrogen tanks. Each tank is capable of 35 kilograms of hydrogen meeting its goal of traveling 400 kilometers in a single fueling.

The advantage of fuel-cell electric vehicles for commercial purposes is that they can cover longer distances than electric vehicles with a shorter fueling time than other electric vehicles.or Hydrogen Trucks.

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February 14,2020

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