Social Media Influencers Seen By Hanwha, Shinhan, KT As A Bridge to Connect to Millennials

KIA Motor's VikTuber

Social media influencers may be getting the spotlight they have always been searching. Multiple large companies are reportedly now reaching out to social media influencers in a bid to connect with younger generations. According to sources, companies are venturing into new formats outside of traditional marketing platforms.

A conglomerate official, however, iterated that, besides being a marketing strategy, the effort is also a way for their company to help younger people reach their potentials. It will provide millennials a way to capitalize their love for social media to earn money.

KIA Motors recently launched “VIKTuber” to help teenager and young adults who have a passion for automobiles start their own Youtube channel. By sponsoring YouTubers, KIA Motors can connect with younger people. This connection may, in turn, reignite their interest in cars

The screening of VikTubers occurred from May 28 to June 21 this year. KIA filtered applicants based on their ability to create exciting content. After the auditions, the chosen applicants were tasked to produce videos relating to Kia Motors once a month.

“Existing content about cars has mostly focused on technical aspects. We expect content created by VIKTubers to be fresh and ingenious,” a Kia Motors official said.

KIA sponsored the production of the videos. At the same time, the KIA paid VikTubers $16,500 for the activity that spanned from July to October.

Which Other Companies Search For Social Media Influencers?

The Hanwha conglomerate organized an eight-week program intended to teach and help aspiring content creators. The activity, dubbed as the “DREAMPLUS Travel Creator” (DTC) program, involved various established social media influencers.  It also included talks from CEOs from successful startups in the travel and leisure sectors.

“DTC is part of our social contribution activities to help university students who are interested in travel and content production get a job in the area or set up a relevant startup,” a Hanwha official said.

Majority of those the 88 that participated in the DTC program landed jobs on various marketing companies such as CJ, NHN, EBS, and Hanwha itself. Because of the program’s success, Hanwha recently decided to expand the program overseas in Vietnam.

Even banks, such as the Shinhan Bank that launched its “Shinhan Influencer” program in July, are not missing on the action.

“Shinhan Bank will utilize the Shinhan Influencer as another marketing channel to enhance communication with young customers,” a Shinhan Bank official said.

KT, the telecommunications giant, also participated in the search for great content creators. It opened its Creator Factory Center just this May. According to the company, the program aims to nurture media creators and teach them both the social and technical side of content creation.

South Korea has the highest internet connectivity on the eastern side of Asia at 95%. With the promise of 5G to connect rural areas, we can expect this number to go even higher.

Featuered image grabbed from KIA’s Viktuber website.

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