Novaerus’ Plasma Air Purifier to Launch in Korea

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Novaerus, an Irish air purifier manufacturer, launched two new products that utilize plasma technology to take advantage of the fast-growing air filtration market.

The company sold air purifiers since its establishment in 2012 to organizations across 40 countries. The business-to-business market, such as ambulances, hospices, hospitals, casinos, and schools, mostly use Novaerus’ air purifier.

Novaerus said that its products utilize plasma technology, which discharges ions, and electrons, that can eliminate fine dust as well as germs.

About 450 hospitals and more than a thousand ambulances in Korea widely use Novaerus products for their recognized superior air filtration features.

The company, looking to enter the business-to-consumer market, selected South Korea to introduce its first products for general consumers. Novaerus sees the country as a great testbed for other Asian markets.

CEO of Novaerus, Kevin Devlin, announced at a press conference in Seoul, “We have a good degree of success in Korea as we are selling into the medical market, and we believe that people in Asia are more conscious of air quality than people in other parts of the world. We have been very successful in different countries around Asia, but certainly, people in Korea seem to understand technology better than most countries, so we feel it is a really good opportunity.”

He added, “If we can be successful in Korea, it can be a segue into other countries like China and Japan. I think people in Korea are at the forefront of that. They seem to listen carefully to what’s happening in the impact of air quality, so I think it is a perfect market for us to introduce our products and get a foothold in the Asian market.”

Novaerus released the NV-330 and the NV-990 for the Korean market. The NV-330 is for areas less than 40 square meters and priced at 2.48 million won ($2,123), while the NV-990 is for areas sized around 100 square meters and priced at 3.48 million won ($2,980).

Kim Sung-soo, president of Gatevision, expressed that Korean consumers will receive the air purifiers well as the products are thoroughly tested in hospitals.

“Unlike other air purifiers, Novaerus products are professional medical equipment. We expect the products will be widely used in schools, childcare facilities, nursing homes, postnatal care centers, and theaters,” Kim said.

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January 29,2020

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