Great expectation on 5G smartphone, but Battery and Heat problems as well

Although there are high expectations for 5G Smartphones, concerns regarding ‘battery’ and ‘stability’ are also seen.

스마트폰 배터리 문제에 대한 이미지 검색결과

LG Electronics made an announcement on the 21st that it conducted a survey on ‘smartphones that customers want for 5G’ before the 5G generation starts on full-scale. The survey was conducted on 1,000 smartphone users in Korea and the U.S., where demand for premium phones are high.

5G is characterized by network speed that is 20 times faster than before, and 74% of respondents expressed expectations for 5G service. In particular, 70% of respondents said they are looking forward to Smartphones that are exclusively for 5G that can provide ‘multimedia Utilization’ that constantly watch high-definition video and live broadcasting and ‘Multi-gap Conference’ that is based on excellent quality and sound connection, ‘remote treatment’ and ‘remote driving’.

strategy analytics에 대한 이미지 검색결과

A market research company called Strategy Analytics predicted in a survey released at the end of last year that while global Smartphone markets are growing backward, there will be 5G devices that will be used for premium markets starting from this year and that markets will grow again by 2023.

There were also as many concerns as 5G Smartphones. This is due to low credibility of first-generation products. 65% of survey customers pointed out that use of batteries increases when using 5G service and 45% pointed out heat. Concerns over durability (30%) and design (19%) were also significant.

This indicates that the core of Smartphones that will be released in the future is to secure system stability based on batteries and heat-mitigation devices that are better than before. Its task is to maintain its slim and light appearance by installing variety of parts that can use 5G service. Starting with markets where premium demands are high in South Korea, the U.S., and Europe, LG Electronics is planning to start supplying its Smartphones exclusively for 5G on full-scale.

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