Will Kakao and Dunamu rekindle the fire for the ‘Blockchain Industry’?

Major IT companies with Kakao as the main focus are introducing mainnet this year and are rushing to prepare for blockchain business in earnest. Industries are interested in whether blockchain industries will regain vitality due to the appearance of large businesses.

According to a related industries report on the 18th March, ‘GroundX‘, a technology affiliate of Kakao Blockchain, will introduce blockchain platform Klaytn open testnet and its partner on March 19. The open testnet is a platform that anyone can use before the mainnet is released. Klaytn is scheduled to unveil the mainnet in June.

Klaytn introduced the testnet in October 2018. Later, Klaytn revealed its partners. The main partners are Wemade Tree, which is the subsidiary of Wemade entertainment, PictionNetwork, Cosmo Coin, Watcha, and Zanadu.

Wemade Tree connects popular game contents with blockchains as well as the Wemade intellectual property rights. PictionNetwork uses Klaytn technology for its webtoon platform ‘Battle Comics’.

“The partners that Klaytn will introduce on the 19th include global companies,” said a representative for Kakao. “There will be Partner’s Day for Partners.” 

Lambda256, Dunamu’s blockchain research centre that operates the cryptographic currency exchange Upbit, will officially launch the “Luniverse,” a service platform for blockchain services, on the same day. Luniverse is a service that supports businesses and developers to apply blockchain technology to existing services.  

Lambda256 is going to officially commercialize Luniverse on the 19th after operating its beta service starting from September of 2018. BitBerry of integrated Wallet service, MAGNIS of game platform of blockchain, Key-Inside of Yanolja blockchain developer, e4net of donation service platform, and SOOHO of security solution will work with Luniverse.  

“We are going to introduce additional partners besides those that were previously announced.” said a representative for Dunamu. “We are planning to introduce improvements and new partners to commemorate the official launch of the Luniverse.”

“It seems that not only blockchain-specialized companies, but also large IT companies will appear in front of blockchain business this year,” said a representative for an industry. “This can revitalize the entire blockchain industry.”

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