Tplus–AllLive Healthcare, Strategic Collaboration of Medical Information Services

TPlus, which is an IT company specialized in healthcare, made an announcement on the 15th that it has developed an agreement on cooperation with AllLive Healthcare, which is a digital healthcare company that is operating a platform called AllLiveC that supports Smart Clinical Testing.

In the future, the two companies will jointly carry out the medical information service project supporting the development of advanced medical technologies and new drugs and cooperate for joint development. Following the agreement, TPlus and AllLive Health Care will actively cooperate in developing medical information services that utilize clinical information from medical institutions, co-developing medical information services to reduce costs and improve efficiency of clinical trials, and promoting other new businesses for medical information services.

The collaboration between the two companies is meaningful in that they are actively seeking to apply sensitive information, such as personal medical records and clinical data, to blockchain technology, while maintaining security, to the bio and pharmaceutical industries. In particular, TPlus is planning to expand its business into digital healthcare platforms for supporting next-generation clinical trials and information services through agreement with AllLive Healthcare along with medical information exchange, medical verification service, and medical radiation exposure dose management services that are applied with blockchain technology.

“Health-care data for treating and preventing diseases of individuals should be safely stored and utilized when needed as an individual. TPlus will do its best to prepare a meaningful healthcare ecosystem through blockchain based on its capabilities in standard medical information platform and system business.”


Lee Jung-ho CEO of Tplus

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“We will first explore the introduction and application of blockchain technology in the efficiency of application procedures that clinical test participants are interested in,”


Lee Byung-il, CEO of AllLive Health Care

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Meanwhile, TPlus, which was established in 2010, is a company that develops and supplies healthcare solutions that are specialized in medical information exchange and medical image information management, has shown remarkable growth in the domestic healthcare IT market based on its experience and know-how in deploying healthcare solutions at some 500 hospitals in Korea.

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