TESTWORKS got 1 billion won in investment from D3 Jubilee Partners

TESTWORKS, a ICT Special Corporate of Software Testing, Education and Consulting, made an announcement on the 22nd that it has attracted 1 billion won (US $890,000) from D3 Jubilee Partners, which is an ICT-specialized impact investment company.

TESTWORKS is a company established in 2015 by CEO Yoon Seok-won, who was a test expert at Microsoft and Samsung Electronics. TESTWORKS is an enterprise-oriented toward inclusive employment that provides jobs to various classes (independent disabled, hearing-impaired, career-breakers and young people), and provides the following services:

  1.  Step-by-step test consulting optimized for development process.
  2. Development of web environmental standards on compatibility and usability.
  3.  R&D on testing automation models using open source tools; and
  4. Lectures on a variety of training courses in SW Testing and Quality.

Recently, it is emerging as a social venture and social enterprise in ICT based on the expertise of expert engineering groups, automation solutions and quality services of skilled testers.

“TESTWORKS is a company that creates sustainable growth models at the intersection of digital technologies and social impact that fit our mission,” said Yoon Hoon-sup, general partner of D3 Jubilee Partners. “Not only will it provide jobs to various classes such as disabled and career women, but it will also become a leading company in the era of 4th industry where software and data are important.”

“This investment provides conditions for aggressive development of projects in areas with high value added such as test automation solutions and artificial intelligence data platforms,” said CEO Yoon Seok-won of TESTWORKS. “In the 4th industrial era, we will establish a win-win business model that allows various classes to work based on strengths and grow into a global social venture.”

D3 Jubilee Partners, which has been investing in Silicon Valley in South Korea and the U.S. since 2011, registered as a small and medium-sized business investment company early last year and was selected as one of the first impact account management companies of the parent fund.

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