SK Innovation to Exhibit Future Car Solutions ‘SK Inside’ at CES 2020

SK Innovation logo
SK Innovation's logo

SK Innovation Co. will exhibit its battery and materials technologies “SK Inside” for future mobility solutions at the coming 2020 Consumers Electronics Show (CES), which will begin next week in Las Vegas.

The energy solution subsidiary of SK Group said Thursday that it would show off its vision for future mobility solutions with innovations in electric vehicle (EV) batteries, various ultra-light and eco-friendly materials, and lubricant products.

SK Innovation will be the only Korean petrochemical company to join in CES 2020. It will be accompanied by its affiliates such as SK Global Chemical, SK Lubricants, and SK IE Technology to showcase advanced technology that could boost the energy efficiency of electric vehicles.

SK Innovation intends to show off its future EVs by merging moving model vehicles and large screen images. Additionally, the subsidiary will unveil materials such as NCM 811 and NCM 9 ½ ½ that can increase and electric car’s effective range. The materials can maximize efficiency and enhance a battery’s energy density with the best high-nickel manufacturing process and ultra-long cell technology.

Moreover, the company will also exhibit a lithium-ion battery separator (LiBS), a primary material that increases output and improves battery stability and longevity. Also, it will introduce new applications of the battery on transportation such as trains, ships, and airplanes.

The E-mobility sector will also benefit from a wide range of advanced lubricants and lightweight and eco-friendly materials.

SK Lubricants, the global leader in advanced lubricants, will showcase EV fluids enhanced for EV batteries. The lubricants can maintain a battery’s temperature, which is between 15 to 35 degrees Celsius, for optimal performance. It can also optimize the operating efficacy of a motor engine.

SK Global Chemical, meanwhile, will exhibit materials utilized in exterior and interior elements of ultra-light and eco-friendly vehicles. The affiliate will present materials appropriate for electric vehicle components and parts.

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