Samsung Still Top Despite Apple’s Q4 Win

Samsung Electronics is expected to be the number one player of the year even though Apple’s success in the last quarter. Apple saw an large uptick with the release of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS. Regardless, Samsung Electronics is the only global maker in the 20% market share category.

According to the Trendforce on December 2nd, Samsung is expected to ship 75 million smartphones in 4Q. This is similar to the shipment volume of 74.5 million units in 3Q. The market share was also expected to be the same as the third quarter at 19.6%. Samsung Electronics said it would increase its mid- to low-end smartphone shipments with innovative technology in the fourth quarter when it announced its 3Q results.

However, Apple, which stayed in third place in the third quarter, is expected to pull Samsung Electronics to No. 2 with a 19.7% market share thanks to the launch of new products such as iPhone XR and iPhone XS. The iPhone production in 4Q09 is expected to be 69 million units. “We expect Apple’s quarterly shipments to peak this year as Apple plans to ramp up the iPhone’s latest model in the fourth quarter,” he said. Lowering the price of older models for iPhone sales will also support this result. “He said. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have been known to be sluggish due to high prices.

In 4Q, Huawei is expected to have a 14.6% market share. Huawei’s 4Q shipments are expected to be similar to the previous record of 55.5 million units in 3Q. “The annual output of Huawei is expected to reach 200 million units,” said Trendforce. “But too much inventory could affect production in the fourth quarter and next year.”

Another Chinese maker, Xiaomi, is expected to surpass the 30 million units in the fourth quarter and occupy 7.4 percent of the market, ahead of Oppo (6.4 percent). It is highly likely that the company will continue to perform well in emerging markets such as India. In addition, Xiaomi is planning to advance to Europe.

In the fourth quarter, Opp estimates that its production will drop 24% QoQ to 23.5% QoQ. Vibo is expected to remain at 6th place with a decrease of 20% to 24.1 million units.

Total smartphone shipments are projected to reach 355.4 million units in 4Q08, up 5.4 million units from the previous quarter. Annual production is estimated at 1,495.3 million units. Samsung’s share of the year is expected to remain at the top with 20.4%. Apple (15.1%) and Huawei (13.7%) will be second and third, followed by Xiaomi (8.3%), Oppo (7.9%) and Vibo (7.1%).

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February 14,2020

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