Samsung Electronics Released Several Cordless Earphones

Samsung Electronics introduced a large number of new wireless earphones.

Samsung Electronics made an announcement on the 28th that it will release JBL’s ‘Under Armour Flash’, ‘Endurance peak’, ‘pre-ex’, AKG’s noise cancellation headphones ‘N700NCBT’, and Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker ‘Onyx Studio 5’. 

삼성 하만 언더아머에 대한 이미지 검색결과
JBL Under Armour Flash

JBL Under Armour Flash is a product that was created through cooperation with sports brand Under Armour. It is designed so that it does not fall out of its ears easily. It has waterproof function of IPX7 stage. The battery can be maintained for up to 25 hours with a portable charging case. It supports noise cancellation function. The recommended consumer price is $178 USD (199,000 won).

JBL endurance peak

JBL Endurance peak is a ‘power hook’ design product. Power is automatically turned on when you wear it and automatically switches to standby mode when you remove earphones from your ear. It is designed as a ‘twist lock’ structure and can be fixed to ear by turning ear-hooks. It can control call, volume and select music through simple touch. It supports IPX7 waterproofing performance. There are three colors in blue black, red. The price is $106 USD (119,000 won).


AKG N700NCBT’ is a headphone with noise-cancellation function. It is easy to use in noisy environments like airplanes and subways. It can be used for up to 20 hours in Bluetooth noise cancellation mode and up to 36 hours in wired noise cancellation mode. It supports functions that recognize ambient sound. The price is $446 USD (499,000 won).

삼성 하만 오닉스 스튜디오에 대한 이미지 검색결과
harman kardon onyx studio 5

Harman kardon Onyx Studio 5 is a Bluetooth wireless speaker. It features a round design. Fabric materials were used for interior design such as living room and bedroom. When the battery is fully charged, it lasts for eight hours. The price is $267 USD (299,000 won).

“This new product has excellent wireless solutions, ergonomics design, and noise cancellation functions based on Harman’s unique premium sound. We will lead the wireless earphone and headphone market.”


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