Naver-LGU+ expands AI accessibility services for the disabled

LGU+ AI speaker, Clova

LG U+ “Call Taxi Calling for the Disabled” service, which was launched in March, helps users easily call taxis for the disabled with voice commands through Artificial Intelligence speakers. LG U+ said it will push for a “happy country” project in full swing, which will enhance accessibility for people with disabilities who experience inconveniences in everyday life through AI and IoT.

LG U+ held a delivery ceremony with Naver on April 17 to donate AI speakers to the Seoul Facilities Authority at the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Citizens Hall. It delivered one-year licenses for speakers and music service “Vibe” equipped with Naver’s AI platform Clova to 300 people with disabilities. It is expected that disabled people who use call-taxis for the disabled can easily call taxis with AI speakers. LG U+, along with Naver, is making it easier for people with disabilities to access information in the AI service sector. Both companies donated 800 AI speakers and the rights to use music services twice, in May and September last year.

 It is also offering various accessibility services using AI speakers. Last year, the company introduced “Sound World,” which allows users to conveniently use book contents through AI speakers, and “Library for Reading Books.” This year, it introduced “Sullivan+,” a voice guide app dedicated to the blind, which provides information recognized by smartphone cameras, to enhance access to information for people with visual impairments.

In May, LG U+ will introduce an additional “119 Text Reporting” service, which will be delivered as text messages when it calls 119 via an AI speaker if an emergency occurs or fire. “We will continue to provide convenience and safety-related services that help people with disabilities live their lives in order to create a happy country,” said Ryu Chang-soo, managing director of LG U+ Smart Home Products Group. “Naver’s technical philosophy is to connect information and people and to provide convenience in technology to more users,” said Jung Seok-geun, CIC leader of Naver Search & Clova. “Just as voice technology itself can be an alternative to text for those who are physically ill, we will continue to make efforts to help various users, including the socially weak.”

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February 14,2020

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