NanoEnTek Boosts FREND Growth by Strengthening Overseas Sales

NanoEnTek announced on the 15th that it is going to strengthen its foreign business in order to increase sales of FREND, which is a medical device that is being examined on-site, this year.

NanoEnTek is planning to increase its market share in China and the U.S. as FREND has settled in the market after receiving favorable reviews from users around the world. To this end, NanoEnTek held its second business briefing session for local dealers in Shanghai on the 10th. The event, which was held with Chinese main distributor Newsen (Chinese in vitro diagnostic equipment manufacturer), followed the first business briefing held in December last year in Zhengzhou. The plan is part of the expansion of FREND, which is currently well-received at large hospitals, to local small and medium-sized hospitals.

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Due to China’s wide-area characteristics, recruiting talented local dealers is a key to expanding the market to small and medium-sized hospitals. NanoEnTek will tour major Chinese cities this year to recruit dealers from superior regions and hold business briefings one after another. In addition, NanoEnTek is also strengthening its marketing efforts to expand the U.S. market. NanoEnTek believes that reliability of medical devices has reached stability through a reference documentary that has been accumulated for many years as FREND’s recognition in the U.S., and is strengthening its marketing position with top tier brand through cooperation with Henry Schein, a large U.S. pharmaceutical distributor. If selected as the top tier brand, Henry Schein‘s products will be marketed to hospitals first, and will support active sales to boost sales.

“As the level of on-site diagnostics that the market recently requires is increasing, demands for FREND, a high-performance Lab on-A-chip-based field-diagnostic device, are increasing. As sales are on the rise, we will not miss opportunities through new item development and active sales.”


A source from NanoEnTek said.

an actual FREND. source from NanoEnTek

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