LG Electronics’ 5G smart phone, which has more battery, faster processor will be introduced on the 24th of next month

LG Electronics is going to introduce its 5G Smartphone for the first time at CCIB (Center de Convictions Interventional de Barcelona) located in Barcelona, Spain on the 24th of next month.

February 25th, the exhibition will be held for four days in Barcelona, Spain, and will also be presented to visitors at the World Mobile Congress 2019 (World Mobile Congress 2019), the world’s largest mobile exhibition. Through this exhibition, LG Electronics is planning to speed up its business in global premium markets this year.

LG Electronics is also strengthening cooperation with major mobile network providers such as South Korea, North America, and Europe where 5G services will be started this year. In August last year, it announced that it will supply 5G Smartphones to Sprint, which is one of major mobile telecommunication businesses in North America, during first half of this year. In Europe, it is currently working with many mobile network providers in variety of fields such as supply of 5G Smartphones, development of technologies related to 5G, marketing, and promotion.

LG Electronics’ new smartphone reflects the needs of customers who want to enjoy big contents stably at the speed of 5G. Its new product is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest AP called ‘Snapdragon 855’ and has improved its information processing ability by more than 45%. Not only 5G Internet, which is tens of times faster than 4G, but high-resolution games, and large-capacity apps can be run at the same time without any delay or interruption.

LG Electronics has increased stability by applying ‘Vapor Chamber’ that has more heat dissipation capability than current heat pipes. The surface area of the “Vapor Chamber” is 2.7 times that of the heat pipes installed on the LG V40 ThinQ, and the amount of water contained is more than double. Since the heat sink is made of copper with a high thermal conductivity the larger the surface area of the radiator, the faster and more extensive the heat surrounding it is absorbed. Water inside also stably stores heat absorbed from the copper surface and reduces temperature changes inside the smartphone.

Battery capacity is 4,000mAh, which is more than 20% bigger than LG V40 ThinQ, and it is designed to enjoy faster speed of 5G for longer periods of time. In addition, LG Electronics has secured more time to use than previous products by optimizing software that encompasses AP(wireless access point), operating system, and apps. Because 5G Smartphones need to detect and process not only current LTE but also 5G signals at the same time, they are reflecting concerns that amount of battery consumption will increase.

“We are going to lead 5G Smartphone markets by accurately reflecting customer needs based on stable basic skills and stability.”


Director Ma Chang-min of LG Electronics’ MC Product Strategy Group.

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