Google and Facebook to introduce a ‘temporary stop’ order in case of “illegal activity”


Global internet giants Google and YouTube are to introduce a system that can order a temporary suspension of illegal services to prevent damage to users caused by infringement of personal information and illegal acts this year. Korean company Korea Communications Commission (KCC), has been commissioned for the task. Lee Hyo-sung, chairman of the Korea Communications Commission (KCC), announced a “major work plan for the commission in 2019.”

According to the announcement, KCC will issue a temporary stop to the service if it believes that it is impossible for internet companies such as Google to improve their illegal activities, such as violating the correction order three times. Even if a global company has committed illegal acts overseas, it will apply domestic laws to impose sanctions if it affects local users.

In addition, global internet companies such as Facebook and YouTube will also be included in the telecommunications operators’ user protection work assessment.

The telecommunications operators’ user protection work assessment is conducted regularly to deal with customer complaints more quickly and efficiently. However, the purpose of this assessment is not to take corrective action due to a violation of the law, but to allow operators to voluntarily improve their services.

KCC also plans to lay a foundation for the system to expand the influence of OTT services such as Netflix and to respond to the entry of global businesses into Korea. It is planning to push for easing regulations on OTT services through revision of broadcasting-related laws and to form an OTT consortium of broadcasting and communication companies so it can respond to global businesses.

A ‘communication dispute settlement system’ that helps resolve communication-related disputes quickly and conveniently will also be introduced starting in June. It is also planning to introduce a system that strengthens responsibility for compensation if a telecommunication business is involved in malpractice or negligence.


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February 14,2020

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