AIXLAB’s “The Haunted House VR Ep.1” Goes Public on Steam

Haunted House VR Episode 1 Kyungbuk, Youngdeok. Photo credit: AIXLAB

VR and video content producer, AIXLAB, hinted about the launch of its first VR haunted house experience series. Episode one is titled “Haunted VR Game Ep.1 Kyungbuk, Youngdeok.”

AIXLAB supplied an offline version of the “haunted House VR” series’ first episode in Korea’s location-based entertainment (LBE) market.

The game received positive reviews from screaming users in both domestic and international experience centers. The VR game won the Next-generation Game Content in Korea Games held in November 2018, proving its value in the entertainment market.

However, the offline market limits the experience to a short amount of time. The VR game launched on the Steam platform stays true to the original plan offering numerous elements to provoke the user’s fear.

The haunted house game portrays one of three major haunted houses situated at Yeongdeok, Korea, north of the Gyeongsang Province. The VR experience allows users to experience realistic graphics while visiting haunted houses, which they are not courageous enough to go see. In addition to its high quality, the game lets players lift and interact with objects found in the surroundings.

“Haunted House VR” series’ will spread across three episodes with nine contents. The VR package contains an omniverse plot in which the character investigates to uncover the mystery of victims left in haunted houses and suspicious organizations behind the incidents. VR videos on connected attraction simulators, selective VR movies, and the second episode will follow the first episode.

CEO of AIXLAB, Hwang Kwab Hwan, led the development of the haunted house VR project. Unlike other typical gaming companies, he said that they are designers and creators who think about the users’ experience letting them immerse in engaging content they deliver.

In a way, Hwang is confident that the “Haunted House VR” series would let players plunge into an element of “fear,” creating its color and value.

The game will be available on Steam for a price of $4.99. The full version is still in development with the target launch in January 2020.

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