Galaxy’s Celebrity Alarm App Uses Hallyu Stars’ Voices

Samsung Galaxy's Celebrity Alarm App / Photo Courtesy of Samsung

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its Galaxy series’ Celebrity Alarm feature this March. The alarm feature allows its users to customize the sound of their alarm from a wide selection of Hallyu Korean celebrities’ voices.

Galaxy users can set their alarm noises and phone notification to the voice of their favorite Korean celebrities. The Celebrity Alarm currently features the voices of a growing number of fan favorites such as Daniel Kang, Ji-hoon Park, Seventeen, ITZY, Dae-hwi Lee, NU’EST, Apink, GFriend, and Monsta X.

The alarm also provides notification alerts for everyday situations in which the users can use the day of the week and present time alerts in one of the celebrities’ voice. Enabling Bixby allows users to receive daily weather information delivered by their favorite stars.

The Korean celebrities’ messages also differ depending on the day of the week, time, and the current weather. For example, Dae-hwi Lee will greet you on Monday mornings with “It’s a fresh Monday morning. Life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be enjoyed. Begin the best day of your week!”, and if the weather is cold, Eun-woo Cha may greet you with “It’s very chilly outside, are you wearing warm clothes?”

The Celebrity Alarm is available in the Galaxy Stores. Users can download their desired celebrity voice, which will then automatically save it in a device’s alarm sound list. The list is then customizable from within the setting of the Clock app. After the user set the alarm, they then can pick their desired celebrity voice by going to ‘Alarm Sound-Celebrity Alarm-Selected Voice’ or if Bixby is on ‘Alarm Sound-Bixby Alarm-Selected Voice.’

Galaxy’s Celebrity Alarm App is now available in 11 countries such as Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The application is still expanding to more countries, devices, languages, and other celebrity features soon. The latest feature is users from other countries can play languages that are local to their country of residence.

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